Book Review: The Picky Eating Solution by Deborah Kennedy, Ph.D

If you are an adult tasked with the responsibility of feeding young children, this book by Deborah Kennedy, Ph.D is for you!  You don’t have to have a picky eater in your house to benefit from the wisdom shared here.  The author offers solid advice (without blame) about how to raise healthy eaters; short questionnaires throughout the book help identify “Temperaments at the Table” and “Eating Personalities” as well as strategies for working with each.  Parents are encouraged to reclaim their power.  This starts with evaluating their own beliefs and behaviors around food, then establishing and enforcing “Food Rules at the Table”.  The author stresses the importance of all adults presenting a united front when it comes to these rules.  She shares a list of the rules she considers essential (see Appendix A – your kids can pull it out, color and post it), but encourages parents to modify it to fit their family needs.  Take Back the Dinner Table!!

Kathy Standing RN/Health Coach

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