Frequently Asked Questions 

What payment options does Bluebird Integrative Pediatrics offer? 

We strive to make sure you get the care you need, no matter your financial situation. 

In order to have longer and higher quality interactions with our patients, Bluebird Integrative Pediatrics is a fee-for-service practice. We do offer financing through Enhance Patient Financing if you need any assistance or would like to explore payment plan options. We accept cash, check, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard.

We will also provide you with an accurate encounter form with a correct service level and diagnosis coding (a “Superbill”), which you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. If your insurance company requests clinical documentation, we will supply it at no charge so that your reimbursement is appropriate. We will make every effort to assist you in this process.


Can I pay for Dr. Standing’s services with HSA funds?

Absolutely. You can use HSA funds to pay for lab fees or visits. Patients will receive a formal encounter form (Superbill) to use as a receipt of medical services.


Does Bluebird Integrative Pediatrics PLLC accept insurance?

Dr. Standing does not participate in any insurance plans, or Medicaid. Patients are provided with a detailed encounter form (Superbill), which can be submitted to insurance (not Medicare). Many patients find that their insurance companies will reimburse for out-of-network medical care. It is your responsibility to communicate with your insurance about what those benefits might be. We can use insurance for ordering certain labs. 
Some insurance companies will tell you that Dr. Standing DOES participate with them, but that is because she occasionally works in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Mercy Hospital.  Apollo, the corporation that runs the Emergency Department, participates with insurance, not Dr. Standing personally. 
No matter what kind of healthcare you access, we strongly encourage you to start a Health Savings Account or participate in Flex Spending through your employer. Much of the kind of care we provide is not covered by insurance. It is also increasingly common for families to have high-deductible plans, so even when you access conventional care that is quoted as covered, you end up paying for most of it by the time you meet your deductible.


How much does it cost to see Dr. Standing?


We work hard to make our services affordable for anyone who is willing to make the commitment to work with us. A first conversation with Dr. Standing to explore possible treatment plans for your child is $280.00. She devotes one hour to listen to your concerns and develop a personalized program for you and your child. She has found that it takes at least four months to start to see results. We do request payment for the program up front. (Please see the payment options information above.) 
For the length of your program, you will have unlimited access to Dr. Standing and her staff. She will see you as many times as needed, and will also communicate via text, email, and phone. She will not give up until she finds the root cause of your child’s illness and a way to help them heal. If you wish to continue treatment after your program is finished, you may purchase a monthly membership. Purchasing a program is an investment that will pay for itself many times over by helping you avoid escalating health problems and the costs that go along with them. You will learn how to positively impact your family’s health for generations to come.


Does Dr. Standing provide primary care? 

No. Dr. Standing has committed her time to helping with long-term solutions to chronic conditions.


What if our family doesn’t want to commit to a long-term program? 

We understand completely if our approach isn’t right for you. We will always be here if you change your mind.


What is the age limit for Dr. Standing’s patients? 

We generally see children and young adults up to the age of 20, but we can also be flexible depending on a family’s needs.

Do you work with families who don’t vaccinate?

Dr. Standing believes that vaccinations are beneficial and important. Throughout her career, she has seen vaccinations eradicate many childhood illnesses. She doesn’t give vaccinations, but she is happy to have a conversation with parents about them. She does see children who aren’t vaccinated, but she does not sign school waivers.


Why do I have to talk to the doctor or watch a video first? Can’t I just make an appointment? 

Dr. Standing wants to make sure you feel completely comfortable before making a commitment to work with her. Often parents have ideas about what they think functional/integrative medicine is, but those ideas are far removed from what we offer. By hearing from Dr. Standing first, you can ask questions and understand what she does before signing up for an appointment. She can then ensure that the first hour you spend with her one-on-one is focused on you and your child rather than helping you understand how our clinic works. Because it does save time for everyone, she offers a discount for the first appointment if you watch the video or participate in an introductory phone call.


I read so much on the internet where lots of “experts” contradict each other about what’s right.  How do I decide which choice is best for my kids’ health, then how do I start making changes?


Dr. Standing is a voracious reader and you can trust her to find the most up-to-date, scientifically-proven information and recommendations. She has developed a curriculum of classes that cover seven important aspects of health. Our programs and personal mentoring will guide you along an easy-to-follow path. If you commit to the program, you will learn to make choices that will positively impact the health of your children.


Do we have to change our diet? My kids will have a fit. We won’t give up meat or dairy.  Plus, organic food is too expensive.

We sincerely believe that education is the key to growth and change. We work with many families who find it hard to give up some of the food they love and are used to eating. Dr. Standing does not force changes, but she may recommend an experimental month of trying to go without a few items. Improved health and feeling better in general may convince you to adopt these changes permanently. We understand that organic food seems more expensive, but by learning more about what goes into most non-organic food products, you will be able to weigh the costs against future illness.

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