"I cannot thank Bluebird Integrative Pediatrics enough for helping us get our daughter back from her autoimmune disease. Although we will always be fighting it, we are thankful that there are mere traces of it left, thanks to the suggestions, supplements, and incredible care from Dr. Standing. She takes time and listens to her patients, and doesn't move forward on anything unless you agree with the plan of action. We are so thankful we found Dr. Standing when we did."

-Laura Engels

"Today, I cried happy tears when I picked my 6th-grade son up after a 2-½-day school overnight camping trip. It was his first time away from family members. A year ago, I was manually feeding him because he was too distracted to eat. He raged some nights for three hours. Hewasticking to a degree that kids didn’t want to sit by him. I can’t thank Dr. Standing enough. Since working with her, we now have a happy, warm, and adventurous boy. His bad days now are nothing like his best days a year ago." 

-Tracy Hougum

"We have loved working with Dr. Standing since our baby was just a few months old. She is kind, knowledgeable, and really thorough, taking her time getting to know us and our child. I love her attention to detail and we never feel rushed. She is always open to all of our questions while guiding us on the right path!"

-Aly Carroll
"Dr. Standing has been so wonderful and supportive. She's very knowledgeable about my child's condition and conscientious about making sure parents are comfortable with any treatment plans. I highly recommend Bluebird Integrative Pediatrics."

-Sunni Biles Wiltse 


“I’ve never worked with another medical professional who spent so much time getting to know my daughter and our family to assess how we can set my daughter up for success. Dr. Standing and her staff truly care about their patients and have the experience and knowledge to make a difference. They have changed the trajectory of my daughter’s life.” 

-Jennifer D. 

“After years of taking my sick child to various doctors and specialists, no one seemed to find anything wrong with him. I was told that he was just small, that I was a hypochondriac, and that the nurses and doctors just never measured him accurately. I was referred to Dr. Standing, who actually took the time to listen to my concerns without looking at me like I was a crazy woman. She was able to get to the root of my son’s problems and recommended some changes. In two months, my son was growing and gaining weight. He is finally sleeping through the night, his eczema has cleared up, and he hasn't gotten any bacterial or contagious illnesses. If you have a child with a tricky issue, please consider Dr. Standing to help heal them!” 

-Paula G. 

“My son is quite anxious around doctors. Dr. Standing has such a great personality and temperament that now he loves going to the doctor.” 

-Abby S. 

“Dr. Standing is amazing! She has so much love and passion for the health and wellbeing of the community and our kids.” 

-Lynn Vielhaber Royer 

“So happy to have found Dr. Standing! She's knowledgeable but also very down to earth.” 

-Regan Steffen 

“I had the pleasure of working with Cheri when she was at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. She is kind, compassionate, and a wonderful physician.” 

-Betsy Grund 

“Dr. Standing is an amazing integrative pediatrician. I am extremely thankful that she helps care for my number-one responsibility: the health of my child. Please take the time to learn about her and her unique pediatric health business.” 

-Abby Strobbe 

“Dr. Standing is the most wonderful physician and friend! She is a blessing to our family.” 

-Allison and Jason Davis 


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