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Childhood obesity is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean there are no solutions. By working with Dr. Cheri Standing, the only Integrative Pediatrician in the state of Iowa, you and your child will learn lifestyle management techniques that will help instill healthy habits now and into the future. Call us now at Greater Regional Health in Creston, Iowa to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Childhood Obesity Q & A

What causes childhood obesity?

The modern world lays the foundation for childhood obesity; unhealthy foods and excessive screen time are becoming more and more prevalent. Processed, refined, boxed, plastic-wrapped, and fast foods, are, in large part, to blame. Sedentary lifestyles and chronic stress add to the problem.

If your child is overweight or obese, they are not alone; about 35% of American children ages 6-19 are overweight or obese.

How can childhood obesity be treated?

At Bluebird Integrative Pediatrics, Dr. Standing takes a holistic approach to treating childhood obesity. Often there are several factors that cause your child to hold on to weight. By getting a comprehensive understanding of your child’s current health, lifestyle, diet and habits, Dr. Standing can recommend treatment plans and options for you.

To treat childhood obesity, Dr. Standing will help you develop an individualized wellness plan that may include:

  • A healthy nutrition plans
  • Elimination of foods that your child is sensitive to
  • Diet changes for the whole family
  • Shopping and cooking classes
  • Supplements based on lab results
  • Exercise prescriptions tailored to your family
  • Stress reduction/mindfulness methods suited to your child

Healthy habits are best maintained when the entire family adopts them. That’s why Dr. Standing works with you to ensure that the action plan that you develop together works for you and your family as well as your child.

How do I begin helping with my child’s obesity?

The first step to helping your child with their weight is to call us for a free dinner talk reservation to learn more.

Should you choose to work with Dr. Standing on your child’s weight, she will begin by meeting with both parents so together you can determine the best plan for you and your child. Dr. Standing’s 4 to 6 month comprehensive programs include individual sessions with Dr. Standing, a health coach, exercise specialists, reading material, group classes and online video material. Dr. Standing and her staff will work with you closely to mentor you through each step of the process to make sure you feel supported. As you and Dr. Standing discover what works for your child, you can help them develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.