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Integrative medicine means combining the best that conventional medicine has to offer with evidence-based complementary medicine. At Greater Regional Health in Creston, Iowa, Dr. Cheri Standing offers integrative pediatric services to children of all ages. She is the only Integrative Medicine Pediatrician in the state of Iowa. Call us now to schedule a consultation to learn more about our wellness programs and how your child can benefit from practices like nutrition counseling, yoga, mindfulness and regular exercise.

Integrative Medicine Q & A

What is integrative medicine/pediatrics?

Integrative pediatrics combines conventional, Western medicine with evidence-based complementary therapies and nutrition, recognizing that good medicine is based in good science. Dr. Standing is a proponent of integrative pediatrics because she recognizes that both play a role in modern health care. Some medicines are necessary, like an emergency inhaler for a child with asthma, but a healthy diet, complementary therapies and natural remedies can greatly reduce symptoms in a more sustainable, affordable way. 

When you visit a health care provider who practices integrative medicine, it means that they recommend the best of both conventional and complementary medicine, based on your child's specific needs as an individual. Integrative medicine considers all aspects of your family's diet and lifestyle including mind, body and spirit. 

Dr. Standing practices integrative pediatric medicine in such a way that you as the parent, your child, and Dr. Standing become a team. All members of the team work together toward a solution that is accessible to the whole family and improves the child’s quality of life.

As part of her integrative approach, Dr. Standing offers wellness programs which include one on one appointments with the doctor and health coach, labs, supplements, group classes, sessions with personal trainers and yoga teachers. Community is emphasized with peer to peer support in group settings where families are encouraged to share wisdom, support and resources with others looking to create healthier families. Treatment plans are designed to optimize how you and your child live and feel every day. As part of her approach, Dr. Standing offers:

  • Evidence-based complementary medicine
  • Pediatric nutrition counseling 
  • Mindfulness techniques and meditation practices
  • Yoga for children
  • Personal training to develop health exercise routines

How can my child benefit from integrative pediatrics?

Parents and children who work with Dr. Standing find that by working with an integrative pediatric professional, children begin to learn healthy habits at a young age and can understand their body's needs and what it means to feel good. In fact, the whole family often benefits and learns along with the child when working with Dr. Standing. 

If you are motivated and committed to making lifelong diet and lifestyle changes, are interested in helping your child learn and appreciate some of the approaches that are often only offered to adults - like yoga, mindfulness, and nutritional education - contact Dr. Standing today to reserve a seat at her next free dinner talk. Should you choose to work with Dr. Standing she will begin by meeting with both parents so together you can determine the best plan for you and your child. Dr. Standing’s 4 to 6-month comprehensive programs include individual sessions with Dr. Standing, a health coach, exercise specialists, reading material, group classes and online video material. Dr. Standing and her team will work closely with your family to mentor you through each step of the process to make sure you feel supported. As you and Dr. Standing discover what works for your child, you can help them develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.